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Swiss Value added tax (VAT)

Turnover from deliveries of goods and the provision of services in Switzerland are subject to value added tax. The tax obligation exists from turnover in Switzerland of at least CHF 75,000.00 per year. The normal rate is 7.6%. Certain objects and services have a privileged tax rate of 2.4%. Turnover from goods and services which […]

VAT Hiked Across Europe

Consumers across Europe are facing increased prices as a result of a fresh wave of Value-Added Tax increases introduced in the new year, in the UK, Switzerland and five other countries. According to TMF VAT specialists, countries implementing high rates will see prices increase by 1-2%, and there will be an increased potential for VAT […]

Withholding tax in Switzerland

The distributions of the profit of a company, for example dividend payments and other kinds of profit distribution, are subject to Federal withholding tax. This tax is raised at source and currently amounts to 35%. The reimbursement of this tax depends on whether the double taxation agreement between Switzerland and the country of ordinary residence […]

Taxation of branch establishment

For tax purposes, a branch establishment is a business establishment which belongs to a natural or legal person with a foreign domicile. Consequently, it is only to a limited extent liable to pay tax on income which is economically able to be allocated to Switzerland. The branch establishment of an incorporated firm is in Switzerland […]

Taxation of Mixed Company in Switzerland

Legal form: stock corporations, limited commercial partnerships, limited liability companies, co-operative associations, secondary branches of foreign stock corporations or a pure business establishment of foreign incorporated firms. The business activity must mainly be carried on abroad. In the case of trading companies, at least 80% of the sales/purchases must take place abroad. Mixed companies may […]

Tax priveleges in the Canton of Zug

Direct Federal tax favours solely holding and principal companies in that a tax reduction may be claimed at a Federal level on the basis of the income from important investments (investment deduction). Holding companies Holding companies are companies whose main aim is the permanent management of investments in other companies and which do not carry […]

Taxation in the Canton of Zug

The Canton of Zug is considered to be the canton with the most favourable tax system and can also be described as a particularly uncomplicated and unbureaucratic canton in the way in which the cantonal tax authorities deal with tax-payers. In theory, all natural and legal persons in the Canton of Zug are liable to […]

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