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Singapore Withholding Taxes

China Town in Singapore

Companies resident of Singapore Payments made to a Singapore resident for tax purposes are not subject to withholding tax in Singapore. To be considered a resident of Singapore for tax purposes a company must have its place of control and management based in Singapore. Companies not resident of Singapore Withholding tax can be perceived on […]

Singapore Corporate Taxation

Singapore Taxation

The tax regime in Singapore is territorial. Income is assessed on a yearly base. The general rule is that Singapore-sourced income & foreign-sourced income perceived in Singapore are subject to income tax. There are some exceptions: foreign-sourced dividends, branch profits and income from services are not taxable in Singapore when received in Singapore (certain conditions […]

Key Facts about Singapore


Tax rates in Singapore Corporate tax: 17% (top rate) VAT/GST :7% (standard rate) Personal income tax: 20% (top rate) Population/GDP Population: 5,2 million ( January 2012) GDP: US$ 233.37 ( March 2011) Currency: Singapore dollar ($) (SGD) For more details: Singapore Taxation Law

Social Contribution on Corporate Profits (CSB)

DSK & Nicolas Sarkozy

For periods ending on or after 1 January 2000, corporation tax payers are liable to a social contribution equal to 3.3% of the corporation tax calculated on their taxable earnings at the standard rate (33.33%) or at the reduced rates (16.5% or 15%). It is based on the amount of corporation tax for the year […]

Residency in Israel for Tax Purposes

Tel Aviv, Israel

Taxpayer’s residency for tax purposes is to be determined according to the Israeli Income Tax Ordinance with the “centre of vital interests” test defined under Section 1 of the Israeli Income Tax Ordinance of 1961. Israeli residents are subject to individual income tax, capital gains tax and social security tax  on a worldwide basis. Non-residents […]

Controlled Foreign Company (CFC), Transfer Pricing & Group Consolidation


Controlled foreign companies (CFC) The CFC rules are applicable to any foreign company controlled by Israeli Shareholders (50% of the shares) and that has accumulated undistributed passive income taxed at a rate below 20%. The Israeli shareholders will be assessed and taxed on their proportionate share of the undistributed income at a rate of 25%. […]

Israel’s Double Tax Agreements (DTA)

King David Hotel in Jerusalem

Israel is a signatory to a Treaty for the Prevention of Double Taxation with more than 40 countries all over the world. Draft agreements with additional countries are at the discussion stages. Israel grants a foreign tax credit for foreign taxes paid on non-Israeli sourced income. Double Taxation Prevention Treaty takes precedence, in all cases, […]

Taxable Income & Rates in Israel

King David Jerusalem

Taxable income Corporate income is assessed on a worldwide basis for resident companies. Non-resident companies are assessed on income that is accrued in or derived from/in Israel. A corporation is considered to be resident in Israel if it is registered and organised under Israeli law or if it has it central management and control in […]

Tax Regime for New Immigrants and Returning Citizens in Israel

Alyiah to Israel

As opposed to the world’s fight against hidden offshore bank accounts and tax havens companies, Israel recently amended its tax laws providing New Immigrants and Returning Residents with extreme tax benefits, including a 10-year tax exemption on foreign sourced income and gains, as well as no reporting requirements on such income or gains. The 1st […]

Determination of Taxable Income in Israel


Taxable income in Israel includes, but is not limited to salaries, business income, dividends, interest, pension, rents and royalties. The income tax burden falls on gross income. In regard to employees, the tax is deducted at the source each month based on wages paid by the employer, who bears the burden of the payment of all taxes the 15th of each month or every two months depending on the size of the company. The […]

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